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Winter Solstice Group Healing Ceremony

Winter Solstice Group Healing Ceremony

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60-minute audio playback of the December 2023 Star Mothers Worldwide Winter Solstice Group Healing Ceremony

Hosted by JJ Brighton & Queenie Hilfer

Message from Queenie & JJ:

Thank you for joining us for this special Winter Solstice ceremony with the Star Mothers Worldwide global community. There were a lot of beautiful transmissions that came through around the themes of the zero point or cosmic womb + a season of birthing your creations, honoring old/cultivating new holiday traditions, sovereignty as a pathway to unity consciousness, releasing victim consciousness and not placing our multidimensional gifts into a box because they are expanding even more. We connected with the energies of the Council of Star Mothers, Yeshua + Mary Magdalene, the Sophia Christ Conciousness Dragons and also provided a powerful rainbow ray activation.

HOW TO PREPARE: - Please have a quiet, comfortable place to either sit upright or lay down to receive the transmissions and activations. - You're welcome to use headphones and an eyemask to enhance the experience. - Feel free to have any crystals out that you'd like to be super-charged with the energies. - Feel free to smudge and clear the energy in your space, preparing to be in ceremony. - Please also have a journal and pen next to you for jotting down your insights/downloads, along with a glass of fresh water to ground.

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