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Atlantean Golden Age Gathering (MP3 Recording) | June 4, 2023

Atlantean Golden Age Gathering (MP3 Recording) | June 4, 2023

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Explore the secrets of the Atlantean Golden Age with this 60-minute gathering from June 4, 2023. We unlocked the hidden codes of ascension and anchor them in Gaia with crystals. Discover the mysteries of past civilizations and manifest the energies of Lemuria.

Highlights from the gathering: 

  • The Andromedan Stargate above Glastonbury Tor broke apart. We're gathering the Crystalline pieces and we're putting them back together. 
  • We welcome Master Kuthumi-Pythagoras, great wisdom teacher of Atlantis and blueprint builder of the Stargate that we are working with. He was the original maker of the blueprint and has returned to assist us.
  • Master Kuthumi: "I come to you flanked by my two beautiful dragon companions. One is a dark maroon and the other a midnight color. And we are here to ask for your assistance as we repair and reconstitute the Stargate, indicated by this channel above what you call Glastonbury Tor. "
  • We welcome Green Tara 21 emanations of Green Tara and all galactic forms of Green Tara.
  •  Queen Atlantia: "I am a collective energy of all queens and divine feminine leadership. That has been an ever will be part of the frequency of Atlantis and I am here dear ones to assist you to support you individually."
  • We will divide and conquer ..... 1. There are those of you who will be with the Andromeda and Star Mothers in the ship.  2. those of you who will be on the ground in a circle around the bottom of the tower. 3. those of you who will be traveling.
  •  Those connected to the dragon realm...., in particular the Inner Earth dragons, the Water Dragons and the cloud dragons and you will divide into three groups as indicated by the types of dragons..... retrieve the crystals necessary for the reconstruction of this Andromeda and Stargate.
  • There are many of you who will place the crystals which you find and which are gathered, using levitation through light language and sound vibration.
  • JJ: Master Kuthumi is inviting me to extend his gratitude and love, the ship will hover for the period of time until the solstice at which point the grid and the Stargate will be solidified.
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